Kanóc könyvek

2019. May. 23. · 1 min read
Kamaszkoromban olvastam Padisák Mihály Miska bácsi Kanóc könyveit. Most saját (kis)kamasz gyermekeimnek ajánlottam őket. Aztán az lett a vége, hogy én is újraolvastam mindhármat.

Let's groove!

2019. May. 3. · 1 min read
“Pass the Baton” by Paul Hindmarsh is ideal for that! It's so cool that I’ve just transcribed it so it can be practiced and learned. (Warning! It is not so easy as it seems to be when listening the first time. 🧐)


2019. May. 3. · 1 min read
Paul Hindmarsh „Pass the Baton” című alkotása pont erre jó. Annyira jó, hogy le is kottáztam, lehet tanulni, gyakorolni! (Figyelem! Nem annyira egyszerű, mint amilyennek első hallásra tűnik. 🧐)

Semi-auto placement of CSS Grid items in Internet Explorer (11)

2019. Mar. 22. · 2 min read
The thing: as a web developer you want to use a certain technology but you have to support IE — which has never heard about that fancy solution…

How to use a third party JavaScript library in a Drupal theme?

2019. Jan. 2. · 1 min read
In a recent project I wanted to use the Tippy.js library in the custom Drupal 8 theme I was working on. While I knew most of the things needed to do this in theory I did not know how I should do it step by step in practice.

Drupal 8 Twig: add custom CSS classes to menus (based on menu name)

2016. Apr. 30. · 8 min read
Twig templates of Drupal 8 make our life much easier when we want to customize the HTML output. But when the goal is to change a Drupal 8 menu we have to use the menu.html.twig template which is not the most friendly one and it’s customization can be tricky because of several reasons. So I wanna show you how I did it.
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