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The Signal – guitar solo of a not (yet) existing song

2021. Nov. 16. · 4 min read
Writing a guitar solo without having a backing track or having a chord progression is unusual, at least for me. But that's exactly what I did for the second item of my one-year-old, two-videos-only YouTube channel, Leisure Guitar.

Key of Soul – when Guitar meets with EDM in an online DAW

2021. Nov. 12. · 3 min read
My YouTube guitar channel, Leisure Guitar is almost one year old and it contains two videos only (for the time being). But I'm very happy with it anyway! I've found great free(!) tools that helped me to create these music clips and I've learned a lot in the process already. So I decided to give a sneak peek here to the creation of the first music video. And I'll tell you about the second one in an upcoming post soon.

Framus Diablo Pro egyedi hangszedő kombináció lehetőségekkel

2021. Sep. 5. · 4 min read
A hangszedő cserét már rég terveztem. A „több hangszedő kombináció” nagyon jól hangzott. Javítani pedig muszáj volt – örültem, hogy mindez egyszerre megvalósul. A folyamatot és az eredményt, Hancsicsák Mihály (Martech Guitar Tuning) foglalta össze. (Ennek az általam szerkesztett, módosított verziója olvasható itt.)

Set (the bow) of your guitar neck!

2021. Jan. 16. · 1 min read
I just wanted to lower the action of my strings a little. Then things happened and now I feel like I have a new guitar!