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Display one level only of a multi-level menu in Drupal

2022. Jun. 27. · 2 min read
Task: display the third level menu items of a four levels menu separately, without their children. Should be easy to set it using the admin UI of Drupal, right? Nowadays not, unfortunately!

How to resolve PHP memory limit errors on OSX

2020. Mar. 20. · 1 min read
You can easily run into a PHP memory limit problem eg. by using Composer to get the code of Drupal (or a Drupal module).

I became a Certified Front End Specialist!

2019. Dec. 12. · 1 min read
It was a long-standing desire for me to take the Acquia front-end exam. And today I visited a testing centre and I successfully passed the exam!

Drupal 8 theming basics

2014. Apr. 13. · 8 min read
You can read below – kind of – a transcript of the presentation I gave at Drupal Developer Days, Szeged 2014.

A Drupal 7 keresési eredmények oldalának formázása

2013. Dec. 9. · 2 min read
Összegyűjtöttem, milyen lehetőségek adódnak a Drupal kereső által adott találati lista elemeinek testreszabására.