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How to resolve PHP memory limit errors on OSX

2020. Mar. 20. · 1 min read
You can easily run into a PHP memory limit problem eg. by using Composer to get the code of Drupal (or a Drupal module).

I became a Certified Front End Specialist!

2019. Dec. 12. · 1 min read
It was a long-standing desire for me to take the Acquia front-end exam. And today I visited a testing centre and I successfully passed the exam!

Drupal 8 theming basics

2014. Apr. 13. · 8 min read
You can read below – kind of – a transcript of the presentation I gave at Drupal Developer Days, Szeged 2014.

A Drupal 7 keresési eredmények oldalának formázása

2013. Dec. 9. · 2 min read
Összegyűjtöttem, milyen lehetőségek adódnak a Drupal kereső által adott találati lista elemeinek testreszabására.