Drupal Multimedia review

Drupal Multimedia book coverA bejegyzés magyar nyelvű változata itt található.

Although this book was published in last November, I had no time to read it till now. Since Drupal 7 won’t come out before the end of 2009, the things that can be read in this book will be current for a long time. Aaron Winborn, the author of the book (who is the developer a bunch of media modules for Drupal) helps you to manage your media files in a uniform way, but shows different methods to arrive at a solution.

The book starts with an overview of Drupal, CCK, Views, and theming. Here and in the rest of the book you can see a lot of screenshots to help you understand what you read. The most of the book is about Drupal 6 but Aaron talks about Drupal 5 too where there are differences or there was no Drupal 6 solution at the time of writing. You learn about using modules and than about theming the result. Continue reading

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