Run Drush commands on DDEV without “exec”

I use drush a lot when I work with Drupal. Hosting Drupal on DDEV locally I should prefix my commands, so they look like ddev exec drush …. One can find it in the documentation of DDEV.

It is not mentioned on that documentation page, but there is a small trick which let us skip exec. So we can save four characters every time we type a drush command! 😎

To make it possible find the .ddev/commands/web/drush.example file and rename or duplicate it as .ddev/commands/web/drush. And that’s all! From now you can write ddev drush …!

Of course, it is not my “magic” but a solution from the developers of DDEV. It is documented too – just on an other page. The note is about custom commands which provides other nice possibilities as well so it worth reading! 🙂

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How to resolve PHP memory limit errors on OSX

You can easily run into a PHP memory limit problem eg. by using Composer to get the code of Drupal (or a Drupal module).

A one-time, quick solution is to increase the limit with a command-line argument. So instead of

composer require drupal/webform

you write

php -d memory_limit=-1 composer require drupal/webform

If you don’t want to prefix your commands every time you have to update the related php.ini file.

In case of using the default PHP comes with OSX you have to look for

Machintos HD/etc/php.ini.default

Duplicate this file as php.ini and in that update the memory_limit eg. like this

memory_limit = 2G

As Composer may use even 1.5GB of memory it is good to set the limit as above. Be careful to not write 2GB, just 2G because the first won’t work!

If you want to provide unlimited memory, you can write

memory_limit = -1

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I spent the last three days in Frankfurt at 1xINTERNET, the company I’ve just started to work for. Now I’m on my way to get home. And I feel it’s time to make a log about what happened recently and what are my expectations.

Just some facts

If you know “Drupal’s world” just a little bit I bet you’ve heard about 1xINTERNET already!

If not then here are some basic information: both the company and its people are well known by the Drupal community. Eg. 1xINTERNET won two Splash Awards last year with sites which combine Drupal 8 and React elegantly and efficiently. The CEO, Baddysonja was (one of) the lead organizer(s) of Drupal Europe, an event which served as “the prototype” of a more sustainable Drupal conference in Europe.

There are members of the 1x team who are active Drupal community people and we met/had a friendship already. And 1x has an international team including Hungarians (like me) too.

Sounds good! Isn’t it?

Yes, it sounds good! Or it sounded very well at least for me! And I also got the information from one of my friends that 1x has a very friendly culture! So after beeing a Mirum Budapest team member for two years, I took the opportunity to get hired by 1xINTERNET!

And what happened so far? Not too much. Or a lot! I got my equipment and got a little bit familiar with a project I’ll work on. But I learned some new things too already. And I met those 1x-ers who work in the Frankfurt office (1x has more offices and remote workers as well).

And most importantly the news about the friendliness was totally right! I felt from the first moment I got to the office that I arrived at a very humane company! And this impression just became stronger over time! I do not know how to explain it as I do not want to be very generic or platitudinous but I don’t want to share personal details either. I hope my sentences above can convey my experience.


What could be my expectations hereupon? I hope that this kind of atmosphere won’t change! And what I learned about the leaders of 1x in this short period that makes it stronger than just a hope!

I hope I’ll learn a lot. I hope I’ll be able to help others and I hope I’ll be part of great projects! I’m waiting to meet all the 1x people and attend Drupal events. (We plan our company gathering already what – surprise! 😉 – will be held related to a Drupal community event.) And I’m waiting to share more 1x experience with you!

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Lessons learned building a site with Gridsome

Gridsome has nice documentation and it is easy to start using it. But I experienced some things which were not obvious to me or I feel good to emphasize. So I thought it worth to share them.

But you might not know what Girdsome is.

Let me introduce Gridsome!

Gridsome is one of the newest element of the List of Things I Like! (OK, it is not too useful information…) 

Gridsome is a Vue.js based framework which “makes it easy for developers to build modern websites, apps & PWAs that are fast by default”. And it lets you build sites on the JAMstack. (Maybe you know Gatsby – it is similar to that. As the developers of Gridsome say “Gridsome is highly inspired by Gatsby.js”.)

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