DrupalCon Minneapolis 2020 session proposals

First time ever I proposed sessions to a DrupaCon held in the USA. Both of them are about new ways of creating front-end for Drupal. One of them would be co-presented with the creator of Compony.io, the amazing Mathieu Spillebeen! The other is a solo production and is Gridsome related. Fingers crossed! 🙂

How we rebuilt the Umami theme with components using Drupal only

Gridsome and Drupal: build a modern site which is fast by default

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JavaScript is Coming to Eat You

I’ve just watched the video of Tim Broeker’s excellent talk from BADCamp 2019. And I think everyone who creates classic Drupal sites should see it!

The really short summary of it is that the web changed a lot in the last years (what a surprise…! 😉), and Drupal is not as cool as it was before. Solutions built using some kind of backend service and a JavaScript framework (known as the JAMstack) are the No1.

Fortunately, this is not unknown in the Drupal community. But according to Tim, the new role of Drupal is to be (only) the backend solution for a decoupled frontend. Because Drupal is perfect for that and (can be) better than the other (hosted) services/solutions.

“The backend has been solved, and is now fully commoditized. Our job today is to create amazing experiences that help our users navigate an increasingly noisy barrage of devices, networks, content, and tools.”

Tim recommends (to learn) to use React and/or Gatsby as the front-end solution(s). I know that they are the most famous tools for that, but let me advertise and recommend (the open-source!) Vue.js, Gridsome or Svelte as well (or instead of them)!

And I hope it is too early to bury Drupal theming so I recommend Compony.io too! (More on that later.)

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Semi-auto placement of CSS Grid items in Internet Explorer (11)

The thing: as a web developer you want to use a certain technology but you have to support IE — which has never heard about that fancy solution…

To give you an example: modern browsers can place items below each other in the same CSS Grid column creating implicit grid rows. Although IE supports  ( the early version of )  CSS Grid, it can’t do that.

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