Semi-auto placement of CSS Grid items in Internet Explorer (11)

The thing: as a web developer you want to use a certain technology but you have to support IE — which has never heard about that fancy solution…

To give you an example: modern browsers can place items below each other in the same CSS Grid column creating implicit grid rows. Although IE supports  ( the early version of )  CSS Grid, it can’t do that.

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How to use a third party JavaScript library in a Drupal theme?

In a recent project I wanted to use the Tippy.js library in the custom Drupal 8 theme I was working on. While I knew most of the things needed to do this in theory I did not know how I should do it step by step in practice.

Unfortunately, I did not find one resource which would have told me what to do. But I found several different resources with partial information and by using them I was able to figure out a working solution. Here it is:

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Drupal 8 theming basics

You can read below – kind of – a transcript of the presentation I gave at Drupal Developer Days, Szeged 2014.


Once upon a time

…there was a man who had to build a site for a client. This site was really a simple one: a contact form, a static page, articles, comments – and that’s all. And if you listen carefully you may realize that it sounds just like Drupal core! And because this story took place in December, last year, it could be not only Drupal 7, but Drupal 8! (We already had a nice alpha version at that time…)

To share some more details with you, the client was my wife and the developer was me. And I decided to use Drupal 8 because it was possible and I really wanted to learn about it. And I think the best way to learn new things is to face real challenges.

While the core functions of Drupal 8 were enough for us, we didn’t want to use core Bartik theme. We didn’t want to look like thousands of others sites on the net. We wanted something what is a little bit different. So I had to create something custom… And I did it.

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