CCK feature request: Display only the selected fields from a referenced node

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It would be nice if the user could set in node reference which fields of the referenced node she would display in the referring node. Now our options are limited to title (with or without link) or teaser or full node.

There are solutions to solve this problem, but they are not simple: Continue reading

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Drupal for Education and E-Learning review

Drupal for education and E-Learning book coverA bejegyzés magyar nyelvű változata itt található.

It is important for Drupal developers nowdays to create a user friendly system. So you don’t have to be surprised when you find a book about Drupal for teachers and admins who don’t know anything about code writing. This book is Drupal for Education and E-Learning by Bill Fitzgerald. Continue reading

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Drupal Multimedia review

Drupal Multimedia book coverA bejegyzés magyar nyelvű változata itt található.

Although this book was published in last November, I had no time to read it till now. Since Drupal 7 won’t come out before the end of 2009, the things that can be read in this book will be current for a long time. Aaron Winborn, the author of the book (who is the developer a bunch of media modules for Drupal) helps you to manage your media files in a uniform way, but shows different methods to arrive at a solution.

The book starts with an overview of Drupal, CCK, Views, and theming. Here and in the rest of the book you can see a lot of screenshots to help you understand what you read. The most of the book is about Drupal 6 but Aaron talks about Drupal 5 too where there are differences or there was no Drupal 6 solution at the time of writing. You learn about using modules and than about theming the result. Continue reading

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